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Our natural world is so unique, diverse and ever changing. We are often told that nature is for everyone and that THIS is our planet and that WE need to all do our part to protect it, restore and steward it to increase biodiversity and preserve it for future generations. Yet the environmental movement has historically, and often deliberately, excluded BIPOC voices, knowledge and experiences.  Conservation organizations, environmental groups and non-profits severely lack diverse representation. 

Diverse Nature Collective was born out of the idea that diverse and racialized voices NEED to be heard and supported within the environmental sector to successfully move towards meaningful change and protection of our natural assets. Rather than waiting for other organizations to create space for us we have created our own space where we can work together and support each other.  #BiodiversityThroughDiversity

"I'm tired of waiting for space to be made for our voices in the environmental movement, its time we create our own space in the Kawarthas for BIPOC voices to thrive and be part of the conversation" - Patricia Wilson 


Founder of DNC

Patricia is a nature lover at heart, and passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion within the conservation and environmental world. 

Having worked within the environmental non-profit sector for 6 years, Patricia has filled a variety of roles and has experience in ecological restoration, land stewardship  and invasive species management, trail development and community outreach. She also holds a BSc from Trent University in Conservation Biology as well as a diploma in Ecosystem Management from Fleming College.

As a natural community engager and an emerging leader in the Land Trust sector, Patricia has seen the magic that happens when people and communities rally together to accomplish shared goals - like protecting land and restoring vital habitat. While she has a deep love for this field, she has noticed a huge lack of inclusion of diverse voices and believes that in order to progress further, protect our natural spaces and spread awareness we MUST  support and include diverse voices within the environmental movement. Patricia knows that in order to create lasting change, we need to come together to mobilize and empower BIPOC voices, and this led her to create DNC.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower and mobilize  BIPOC voices within the environmental and conservation sector and create a space for us to thrive.

Enjoying Nature
Woods on Water

Our Vision

DNC was created to build a supportive community of conservation-minded individuals. We envision a place for BIPOC individuals to collectivize and connect, and to empower one another while BIPOC voices lead conversations, initiatives, and research.

We want to hear your voice, story and experience!

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